Mike Brandsma

Mortgage Broker

I grew up in the Spruce Grove area and have developed a passion for the community and am proud to call Spruce Grove home. In 2013 I graduated from NAIT College with a degree in Business Administration and a Finance Major. Since then, I have been providing my community with professional, honest mortgage advice for over 8 years.

I pride myself on the very high customer service level I offer to every one of my clients. My goal is to provide you with as much information and advice as possible. So you can make informed decisions on the most important transaction you'll make financially.

 Mike Brandsma

I recently got married to my wonderful wife Tayler, who has been a constant source of support both personally and professionally. Together we have Meika, who we treat far more like a child than a dog. When I'm not hard at work in the office, you'll find me as far away from a desk as possible, enjoying my time in the outdoors!


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