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    Mortgage Renewal

    Renewal time is an excellent opportunity to revisit your financial goals and ensure you renew with your future mortgage needs in mind. We will walk you through your options and find a home financing solution that’s right for you.

    What to expect at renewal time:

    When the term on your mortgage expires, it’s time for you to select a new one. Your existing mortgage lender will mail you a mortgage renewal notice outlining your renewal options and ask you to select your choice and mail the notice back. The rates may not always be the best rates available or they could even be dated. It’s a good idea to talk with us 4 months before your term is up for renewal to ensure you are offered a competitive rate and choosing the right product.

    Ask the right questions:

    Many Canadian mortgage holders renew without asking any questions at all. Take the time to understand the mortgage renewal process, be proactive and ask the right questions to renew your mortgage with confidence.

    • How many more years are you planning on owning this home for?
    • Are you considering consolidating any debts into your mortgage?
    • Can you live with a large penalty?
    • What are the pros and cons of fixed vs. variable rates?

    Whether you're renewing your mortgage for the first time or you've done this before, it's always important to understand your current situation and what fits best in your life.

    Give us a call today for mortgage renewal advice. We are here to help answer any questions you may have and give honest advice about renewing your mortgage.

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