Halloween Safety Decorating Tips

It’s that time of year again, Halloween! When we embrace the spooky spirit and transform our homes into haunted houses. But before you start ghoulishly decking your haunts with scary decor, here are some important safety tips for outdoor decorating.

Clear the Path

Grab your broomstick and sweep away any debris or obstacles from your porch, walkway, and yard. This will ensure trick-or-treaters have a clear and safe path to your door.

Scare with Careful Lighting

Hanging lights can create a captivating atmosphere but inspect them thoroughly before hanging them up. Check for any damages or faults that may pose a safety hazard. Keep lights away from flammable trees, dried flowers, cornstalks and crêpe paper and ensure your power strips are designed explicitly for outdoor use. Remember to avoid overloading your electrical circuits to prevent any spooky mishaps.

Embrace the LED

Consider using LED lights for your Halloween decorations. LED lights use less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional lights. These lights also produce very little heat, making them safer for prolonged use. For an added touch, use novelty pathway stake lighting to guide little trick-or-treaters safely to your door.

Skip the Candles

Try a glow stick or a battery-operated candle instead of creating spooky lighting inside your pumpkins with real candles. A flameless candle creates the same flickering effect but minimizes fire risk.

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Wishing you a Halloween filled with spine-tingling thrills and frightful fun. Happy haunting!

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