Choose Your Possession Date Wisely

As exciting as it is to move into a new home, choose your possession date wisely. While Fridays and long weekends seem like convenient options, there are many reasons why you should avoid planning your move-in day on these dates.

Firstly, moving on a Friday or long weekend can cause unnecessary stress and chaos. These dates can result in extra fees or difficulties with certain services. For example, if you need to hire professional movers, their rates may increase during these busy times. Furthermore, some utility companies may not be available to set up services or answer questions during the holiday weekend, causing you additional inconveniences.

Another reason to avoid moving on a Friday or long weekend is that it limits your flexibility if something unexpected occurs. If there are any last-minute issues with your lawyer receiving your mortgage funds or an occupancy permit on a new build, it can delay you from getting your keys until the next business day.

While it may be tempting to plan your possession date on a Friday or long weekend, the reality is that it may cause more stress and frustration than convenience. By choosing a weekday for your move, you’ll have more flexibility, less competition for services, and a greater chance of a smooth and successful experience.

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