Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The weather is beginning to change, so what better time to start prepping your home for the coming season? I have gathered some outdoor fall home maintenance tasks to prepare you and your home for what’s next.

Fertilize your Lawn
Applying fall lawn fertilizer will help prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Ask a local garden center or check online to find out which type of fertilizer you need and when to apply it.

Plant Bulbs for Spring-Blooming Flowers
There are several spring-blooming flowers, but they must be planted at just the right time during the fall. Some popular ones are the tulip, iris, daffodil, and lily.

Clean the Gutters
When the leaves are done falling, you’ll save a lot of hassle by pulling out the ladder and clearing out your gutters. If rain gutters are blocked, they can overflow, which can cause water damage to your home, including the foundation and basement.

Disconnect Your Hose
Outside faucets have no protection from Canada’s winters. Turn the water off to outdoor faucets, and disconnect your garden hose. Make sure to run the tap after to drain as much of the water before the cold sets in.

Test Your Winter Equipment
The first snowfall isn’t the time to test out your snow blower. Check it now to make your life easier later.

By checking off these fall home maintenance tasks, you can ensure that the outside of your home is ready for changing seasons. Preparation is critical, and I am here to help you!

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